Water Therapy Benefits


Water therapy is a very powerful method to cure a variety of ailments. It involves treatment with water containing sea salts at different combinations of hot and cold water for treating different ailments. Water therapy can be classified in two categories: Hydrotherapy and Water exercise therapy. While water therapy requires special knowledge of the procedure and must be performed under guidance of a trained therapist, Hydrotherapy could also be performed at home for backache. The most popular of  water therapies are Enema, Hip bath, Spinal bath, Colon irrigation, Foot bath. Arm bath, Jacuzzi, Steam bath, Whirlpool, Circular bath, underwater massage, Immersion bath, Wet pack etc. Different combinations of hot and cold water are used for various effects for treating different ailments.  

Water therapy for Backache
Water exercise therapy for back pain: This method makes use of buoyancy of water to hold patient's weight and to facilitate movement inside water. This therapy is very useful when patient has difficulty in exercising on land as water allows greater degree of movement. This is a very effective water therapy for relieving back pain. The temperature of water could be set warm so that muscles relax and pain is relieved. The therapist guides you to perform exercises inside a pool of water, and with time as one recovers one could slowly shift to land for performing same exercises.
Hydrotherapy for backache: Hydrotherapy treatments are very popular in Europe and have been utilized for many years. It involves Sauna, Steam baths, Hot baths and Wraps. Herbs could be added while performing Hydrotherapy. Studies show that soaking body in hot water tub leads to flexibility, less stiffness and lesser use of medications for pain relief. It must be noted that water should not get overheated. Also, people who are sensitive to temperature variations or are diabetics must not perform Hydrotherapy without expert consultation. 

Sauna and steam bath for back pain: These stimulate blood flow and help in relieving mild-backaches. Sauna should not be used for more than 15-20 minutes, and pregnant women must not use a Sauna. To remain hydrated, one must drink plenty of water   before entering a Sauna room. 

Warm baths for backache:  Bathing with warm water relieves mild back pains. For taking warm bath mildly warm water is poured in a tub  at a level of approximately 6 inches. Patient is asked to get inside the tub and hot water is gradually added till water level reaches patient's naval. The temperature must not exceed 104 degrees. Patient must remain inside water for fifteen to thirty minutes. Afterwards, he/she should come out of the water, wrap up and retire in bed. 

Heat wrap for backpain:   Wrap a cloth moistened in warm water ( and squeezed)  around the painful area of back. Now wrap a dry cloth and a blanket over it. Keep this for 45 minutes to one hour. You may also add herbs/mud for better results.

Water Therapy for Constipation

Enema for constipation: Enema is a natural procedure for curing constipation using water. Water is introduced in the body through rectum which helps in relieving constipation. In naturopathy, enema is advised using warm water. It is performed using a water container (enameled), a five feet long plastic tube, a tap for regulating water, and a nozzle.

How to perform enema? Lie down on a hard surface which has one side (towards legs) elevated by approximately four inches. This will facilitate flow of water introduced through rectum. Keep the vessel containing hot water in a suspended position approximately three feel above the body. After ensuring that air is not trapped in the tube and  liquid is freely flowing in the nozzle, introduce nozzle in the rectum. Upon raising knees, water will enter the rectum. Let the water in and retain it for 2-3 minutes. Now visit toilet without straining at stools.  

Side effects of enema: It is important hat an expert gives enema to a patient because if administered inappropriately, it may have side effects. Also, enema should not be shared even in the same family. Side effects of enema include stomach cramps, irritation, vomiting, nausea, over-dependency on enema for passing stools. 

Therefore, it is essential that enema equipments should be in a hygienic condition, water is at right temperature, and the process is administered under expert guidance. Also, the best way to keep constipation at bay is to take plenty of water throughout the day and increase fiber intake, this will reduce dependency on enema. 
Water Therapy for weight loss
Water is essential for cleansing body and regulating rate of metabolism. It can be very effective in facilitating weight loss by improving metabolism rate. For losing excess fat in the body, one should drink five to six litters of water every day. This could improve threat of metabolism by forty percent. The rate at which body burns calories is directly associated with metabolism, therefore an increase of 40 percent in metabolism rate could double the speed at which body burns calories. This will result in not only shedding of extra pounds but also improve kidney function and improve overall health.