Naturopathy Treatment for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease characterized by red, silvery, thick patches on skin. The disease affects both males and females equally and generally appears first between 15 and 30 years of age. The disease is not contagious.

Symptoms of Psoriasis: In condition of Psoriasis skin may appear red, itchy/irritated and may be covered with silvery scales. The disease generally appears in knees, skin, elbows, trunk, scalp and skin behind ears. It may also appear in genital areas and underarm. The lesions in Psoriasis occur in various sizes; these may be quite small to be visible or may be so large as to cover large body parts. These liaisons are generally dry and do not get infected.

Causes of Psoriasis: The exact cause of Psoriasis has not been identified by the modern medical system. Some studies have shown that Psoriasis occurs due to abnormality in the way skin grows/replaces itself. Metabolism of amino acids impacts this. Psoriasis is also known to run in families over generations and approximately 30 percent of Psoriasis patients have family history. Triggers of Psoriasis include burns, cuts, abrasions, emotional stress, changing seasons and certain medicines.

Natural Treatment for Psoriasis: Since condition of Psoriasis is directly related to metabolic disorders, it is essential to cure metabolic disorder through seven days of juice fasting. Freshly extracted juices of carrot, beetroot, grapes and cucumber are useful. One must avoid citrus fruit juices. For cleansing bowels everyday, warm water enema could be used. Once juice fast has been completed by the patient, he must start diet based on three food groups - Vegetables; Seeds, Nuts & Grains; Fruits. The focus should be on consumption of raw seeds (such as pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds)  and raw fruits & vegetables. In this diet, the patient must avoid animal fats including eggs, milk, and butter. Other items to be avoided include Tea & Coffee and food items containing white sugar or hydrogenated fats. When good improvement in condition of Psoriasis is observed, the patient may add Goat milk, cottage cheese prepared at home and yogurt. This diet must be continued for four weeks. Afterwards, the patient may restart Juice fast.

In condition of Psoriasis, Vitamin E consumption has also proved to be effective in reducing itching and scabs. 200-800 IU of Vitamin E per day could be consumed by the patient. In treatment of Psoriasis, Lecithin consumption has also been proved very effective. 6-9 capsules of Lecithin capsules could be consumed by Psoriasis patient every day. Alternatively, in terms of granules, one may consume four tablespoonfuls every day for a period on 2 months and reduce consumption to two tablespoonfuls thereafter.

The patient must avoid bathing very frequently and avoid soaps. Application of sea water on affected areas once a day will be beneficial. Epsom Salt baths have been found to be effective in Psoriasis. Three complete baths are recommended every week until the condition of Psoriasis improves. Thereafter, number of baths may be reduced to two and subsequently to one.

Mud packs of clay have also been successfully used for treating Psoriasis. Make mud pack by mixing clay with some water and apply to psoriasis affected area. When the pack dries, remove it and apply fresh pack. Mud packs have tendency to absorb toxins from affected areas and thus help in removing toxins from the area. 

For some patients, exposure to sunlight positively affects Psoriasis. Such patients must expose affected parts to sunlight. Compresses of cabbage (preferably of outermost leaves) have also been found to be effective in treating Psoriasis. Cabbage leave used for making the compress must be cleaned with warm water and wiped with a clean towel. The leave must be carefully rolled and wrapped inside a soft woolen cloth. 

Regular exercise, fresh air and breathing exercises have good effect in condition of Psoriasis. This also promotes overall wellbeing of the patient. One must try to avoid all kinds of stress and take adequate rest.