Naturopathy for Pregnancy

Most physicians do not recommend use of medications during pregnancy due to safety considerations. Natural remedies during pregnancy are safe for fetal development and offer immense benefits. Natural remedies based on natural herbs, appropriate nutrition and holistic natural treatments are beneficial for mother and her unborn baby.

Pregnancy symptoms: Many pregnant women suffer from morning sickness, heartburn, hormonal acne and constipation.

Naturopathy for Morning Sickness: Ginger could be used to sooth nausea. Consumption of ginger infused tea could help in alleviating nausea. Honey could be added to sweeten the tea. As much as possible, use fresh ingredients. 

Naturopathy for heartburn: Papaya enzymes are known to have soothing effect in heartburn complains during pregnancy. Papaya enzymes help in balancing the system by relieving acidity of digestive system. Other herbs which help in case of heartburn include ginger root, chamomile, peppermint, fennel. Many over-the-counter drugs available in the market to may relieve symptoms of heartburn but may have side-effects.

Naturopathy for Hormonal Acne: Some women face acne during pregnancy due to flux of hormones. Naturopathy helps in balancing hormones by use of herbs and diet. Since many cosmetics and acne medications contain questionable ingredients which may harm fetus, it is worthwhile to resort to natural remedies. Some naturopaths recommend cleansing face with a natural cleanser and applying a few drops of olive oil infused with lavender essential oil. This helps in balancing skin. Not all essential oils are safe during pregnancy therefore a practitioner must be consulted before using essential oils.

Naturopathy for Constipation: Women usually complain of constipation during pregnancy. Increasing more liquids and fibrous foods in diet will help in relieving constipation. As the fetus grows, fluid requirement of the body increases. This is accompanied with compact bowels as intestine gets displaced. More fluids and roughage will help in alleviating constipation and make sure that fetus is not affected by toxins due to compacted feces. This will also help in preventing hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Naturopathy for Labor: Some herbs have properties to induce labor. A good naturopath will be able to guide one on herbs consumption for inducing labor. Several midwives have been traditionally using castor oil and other herbs to induce labor for hundreds of years without any side effects. Many practitioners believe that Chemical induced labor may lead to violent contractions and pain. Therefore, a growing number of women have been opting for natural alternatives.