Lice Natural Home Remedies

Natural Treatment of Lice
Lice are tiny insects that lays eggs on the scalp of the head and suck blood from it. They are contagious as they pass on easily through direct contact with an infected individual. It is common in children due to the close-knit relationship they have while playing. It is not related to one being dirty as it is assumed in most communities. It can affect anyone irrespective of race and gender.

Common cause of lice is direct /indirect contact with an individual. While direct contact would transfer lice directly, indirect contact through the use of personal items such as combs, headphones, and head wrappers among others also cause lice. It also live in beddings, upholstered furniture, and clothing and can easily move from one body to the other.

Here are some natural treatments for lice that are effective in eliminating lice.

1. Petroleum Jelly

It has a stifling effect on the lice and limits is running and roaming around the head. Although petroleum jelly is recommended as a natural lice treatment, it is extremely hard to remove I from the scalp once applied. One is needed to apply a thick layer of the petroleum jelly into the head scalp, cover the head overnight and then comb it in the morning to remove the lice. This can be done severally until all the lice are dead.

2. Sesame seed oil

This is a natural lice treatment that has worked in various ailments such as fungus and bacteria. It has insecticide properties that make it useful in the treatment of lice. But sesame seed oil must be used in conjunction with tea tree oil, neem oil, lavender and rosemary oil. One could mix ¼ of all the oil mentioned and apply the solution to the hair and scalp. Cover the head overnight, comb the hair the next day and appropriately shampoo and rinse the hair. The process is repeated for two weeks.

3. Coconut Oil

This natural lice treatment is used due to lubricating and slippery nature of coconut oil. It is efficient and ensures that lice do not move and multiply freely in the head. Wash hair with apple cedar vinegar, dry thoroughly. Apply coconut oil on head and scalp and cover overnight. Comb and Shampoo hair the next day. The process can be repeated severally for ultimate success.

4. Baby Oil

It is the easiest natural treatment of lice treatment since it is reliable and easily accessed. One could apply baby oil on scalp and head. Comb to dig out lice, wash hair with shampoo and hot water. Apple cedar apple vinegar and leave overnight. Wash the hair and repeat the process as desired.

5. White Vinegar

This is a safe and natural lice treatment. White vinegar contains acetic that helps to eliminate lice and prevent the hair from recurring cases of lice. One could dilute equal amount of water to the white vinegar, apply on scalp and leave for 2-3 hours. Section the hair and dip in white vinegar, shampoo your hair.

6. Tree Tea Oil

This is one of the most fantastic natural treatment of lice as it is non-toxic and readily available. One could mix one teaspoon of tea tree oil with one ounce of shampoo together with three spoons of coconut oil. Apply the mixture and rub all over the hair. Cover head for half an hour then rinse. Comb the hair to remove dead lice.

7. Olive Oil

This is an excellent natural treatment for lice, on top of being able to kill lice; it makes the hair shinier and smoother. One is needed to apply generously olive oil before going to bedcover overnight and comb the hair to remove dead lice. Finally, wash the hair with herbal oil and tea tree oil.

8. Salt

This is an easier natural lice treatment as it is readily available to everyone as it is an essential ingredient in the kitchen. One needs to mix one-quarter cup of salt together with one-quarter cup of vinegar. Spray on the hair and scalp, cover hair for two hours, wash hair and repeat the process three times a week.

9. Garlic

It is an effective home remedy that is beneficial in the treatment of lice due to its strong essence as it suffocates the lice. It also helps to make the hair beautiful and healthy. One is required to make a paste from 10-12 cloves of garlic together with three teaspoons of lime juice. Apply on the scalp and hair and leave for one hour. Rinse hair with hot water and comb the hair to remove dead lice.

10. Hair dryer

Hot air does wonder when used to kill lice. It is an effective natural treatment of lice with 98% accuracy. One needs to thoroughly wash and shampoo their hair, blow-dry the hair and then divide the hair into sections and apply direct heat from the dryer.

11. Nit picking and Combing

This involves an individual picking the lice one by one from the infected head. It is a traditional method but an effective natural treatment for lice. Great results are accomplished if done with a person with good vision. One is required to comb and section the hair, start picking the lice one by one and disposing of them. Once done one should apply oil to the scalp due to irritation caused by excessive combing.

12. Alcohol and essential oil spray

This is a natural treatment of lice that is simple to use. What one needs to do is buy benzyl alcohol and mix it with some oil from the house such as coconut oil and fill it in a spray bottle. One needs to spray the hair and scalp and leave it for 10- 15 minutes, rinse the hair with fresh water and comb it to remove the lice.

13. Pyrethrum

This is a natural treatment of lice that can be obtained easily over the counter. This insecticide is used to control and get rid of lice, but a resistant in this method has shown people getting allergic reactions. One needs to shampoo the hair, then saturate the head with the insecticide after mixing it with water, leave for 10 minutes and rinse the hair. This procedure is done for seven days.

14. Shrink Wrap Method

This method involves suffocating the lice on the head. This natural treatment of lice includes applying Cetaphil that is a skin cleanser to dry hair. One needs to use the Cetaphil spray on the hair, comb it to remove the lice and thoroughly wash the hair. The process is repeated three times in a week.

15. Mayonnaise

This is an effective natural treatment of lice since mayonnaise contains thick Vasco city and high content of oil used to suffocate the lice. Apply a generous portion of mayonnaise to scalp and hair, cover the head overnight, shampoo the hair the next day, comb it and repeat the process till all the lice are eliminated.

Research has been done widely on the best herbs to use for the treatment of lice. Sellar (1992) identified aniseed oil that is used mostly in aromatherapy as effective in treating of lice. Anyone looking to treat lice should know that some oil can cause skin irritation. Price (1993) state that people use cinnamon oil which is a skin irritant because of the eugenol found in the leaf oil.

Thus, Lice can be treated easily at home through naturally occurring substances found.