How to take a Bath?

Very few of us realize that taking bath is not just another ritual. Merely rushing through the process of bathing by pouring some water over ourselves is inappropriate.We must understand that bathing serves two purposes. First purpose as we know is to cleanse the body from outside, and the second purpose is to reactivate blood circulation by producing sensation (tingling) in the body, this happens as body comes in contact with cold water. Warm water is known to cleanse better than cold water. 

Skin has millions of pores through which it breathes. When pours get clogged it becomes difficult for skin to breath and perspire. For good general health, it is important to keep these pores unclogged. Although cold water could be used for bathing purposes, it does not remove grease and sirt of skin pores. Lemon juice in warm water cleanses skin the best. Another preferable method to use lemon with warm water for bathing is to toast lemon mildly over flame, and cut it in two pieces. One piece could be dipped in hot water and rubbed over the body. This will give best cleansing results. However, hot water bath should not be taken everyday as it causes lethargy and slows the process of digestion. Hot water bath could be taken once or twice in a week. It must be noted that temperature of the water should not be over one or two degrees above body temperature. 

Four benefits of Hot water bath:

  1. It helps in inducing sleep, if taken before retiring for night
  2. It saves body from unnecessary exposure, if body is covered post-bath
  3. It reduces fatigue after a hectic day at work
  4. It may help in getting rid of cold, if body is covered in woolens post-bath

 Although hot water bath has many advantages, it should not be taken more than once or twice a week. Cold water bath must be adopted for taking bath daily as it helps in activating blood circulation in body. This is so because as cold water cools the skin, blood rushes to warm it. It must also be noted that bath ( hot/cold) must not be taken less than one hour before having meals or less than three hours after meal. Following are steps for taking bath:

  1. To begin, use your palms or a rough towel to rub your entire body. The order must be scalp, forehead, face, neck, wrists, arms and come up to shoulders. Now rub the chest, armpits, abdomen and your back, before moving on to feet. Feet must be kept straight at the time of rubbing. Move up to to thighs from feet.
  2. After vigorously rubbing and take bath in cold water
  3. Wipe your body using a towel. Begin with wiping your head and then the whole body. 

In place of using towel for drying the body, palms could also be used. This will be very beneficial and also be pleasing specially in winter. This bathing technique is good for overall wellbeing. If followed regularly, it prevents skin eruptions and itching. It also keeps blemishes and pimples away, and helps skin in attaining a healthy glow.