Honey Health Facts

Honey has healing properties which are known to cure many diseases. Ancient Ayurveda and Yunani medicine have been utilizing  health benefits of honey to heal ailments for centuries. Scientists of modern day accept effectiveness of honey in curing health related ailments and enhancing health in general. 
In its issue dated 17 January 1995, Weekly World News, brought forward a list of health conditions for which honey is very effective. 
Honey for Heart: Regular consumption of Honey and Cinnamon powder paste is believed to lower cholesterol in arteries and is beneficial for heart patients. Honey and Cinnamon paste could be eaten with bread/Roti in breakfast. Honey and Cinnamon have properties which revitalize arteries and veins, relieves loss of breath and is helpful in strengthening heartbeat. 
Honey for Insect Bites: Honey in lukewarm water (1:2 parts) when mixed with one teaspoon (small) of cinnamon powder, and applied to the insect bite helps in relieving pain.
Honey for Arthritis: Honey and cinnamon are very effective in curing Arthritis. It is advisable for Arthritis patients to daily, morning and night, take two spoonfuls of honey in one cup of hot water and one teaspoon (small) of cinnamon powder. This treatment is also effective for Chronic Arthritis patients.
In a research at the Copenhagen University, it was found that out of 200 patients who were given one tablespoon honey with half teaspoon Cinnamon before breakfast, 73 were completely relieved of pain. And most of the patients could walk without pain after the treatment.
Honey for Hair Health: Honey is known to be very effective in improving hair health. It is useful for people suffering from baldness and hair loss. One tablespoon of Honey may be mixed with one teaspoon Cinnamon powder and warm olive oil and applied to hair. It must be kept for 15 minutes before washing hair.
Honey for curing bladder infection: A mixture of Honey ( 1 teaspoon) and Cinnamon powder (2 tablespoon) when taken with a  glassful of warm water helps in eliminating germs in the bladder.  
Honey for oral health : Honey is also very effective in reducing toothache. When honey and Cinnamon powder are mixed (5:1) and applied to an aching tooth thrice a day, it is known to reduce pain. 
Honey for lowering Cholesterol: A mixture of two tablespoons of honey, three teaspoons of Cinnamon Powder and 16 ounces of tea water when consumed by a Cholesterol patient was found to lower cholesterol in the blood of the patient by 10 percent in two hours.This mixture if consumed thrice a day by a cholesterol patient could help in improving lowering Cholesterol in Chronic patients as well. 
Honey for Colds: Lukewarm honey (1 tablespoon) mixed with Cinnamon powder (1/4 tablespoon) when consumed thrice a day for three days is known to be effective in common cold and helps in clearing Sinuses.  
Honey for Infertility: Honey has been used for thousands of years in Yunani/Ayurvedic medicine for strengthening semen of men. Impotent men have benefitted by consuming two tablespoonfuls of honey before retiring for sleep. Also, honey(1/2 teaspoon) and Cinnamon powder(one pinch) when mixed and applied to gums in small intervals ( so as to give body constant supply through Saliva) is known to benefit women who could not conceive. 
Honey for Digestion: Honey and cinnamon powder mix is known to cure stomachaches, clears ulcers and relieves stomach of gas. In condition of indigestion, sprinkle Cinnamon powder on 2 tablespoons of Honey and take before meal. It helps in relieving acidity and in digestion of even heavy meals.

Honey for healing wounds: Honey's effectiveness in healing wounds has been known since ancient times. It is believed to have properties to help body in getting rid of dead tissues and facilitate growth of healthy ones. 

On Oct 9, 2008, ScienceDaily reported that a recent research on 2554 patients, from 19 trials, found that Honey reduced wound healing time more effectively than film and gauze dressings. Honey was found effective in reducing healing time of burns, but its effectiveness in treating other types of wounds is yet to be established. 

* It must be noted that only real raw unpasteurized honey contains beneficial enzymes. These enzymes are destroyed in the pasteurization process. Therefore, unpasteurized honey must be used for best effects.