Health Benefits of Dates

Date is an extremely healthy fruit. It contains a good proportion of fibre which makes it an excellent food to naturally fight constipation. It is also rich in nutrients such as Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Manganese, Magnesium, Sulphur and Copper. The fruit is useful in conditions of constipation, stomach cancer, weight gain, sexual weakness, diarrhoea etc. Also, Date facilitates muscle development and therefore is a recommended food for recovering patients.

Dates Health Facts

Dates for Constipation: Thanks to its rich soluble fibre ( beta-D-glucan) content, Date is an excellent source of natural dietary fibre which helps in fighting constipation. Fibre has capacity to hold water and increases softness of stool. Fibre helps in making stool bulky by adding weight to it, this facilitates movement of stools from intestine to rectum. Dates also help in regulating bowel movement. Date must be soaked overnight in water and consumed in the morning to improve condition of constipation.


Dates for Acidity: Dates are alkaline. They help in curbing acidity by leaving an alkaline residue after digestion occurs. In condition of acidity, dates must be taken first thing in morning. 

Dates for Weight gain: Date is a rich source of sugar, protein, fats and many essential nutrients. If taken with cucumber paste, it could help in putting on weight. The fruit provides approximately 3000 calories/ kg.  

Dates for lowering Cholesterol: Dates help in lowering blood cholesterol level by curbing absorption of Cholesterol and facilitates its excretion from the body.

Dates for Heart Health: Date is known to be effective in strengthening weak hearts and maintaining healthy ones. For best results, date must be soaked for one night and consumed in morning the next day. Consumption of dates at least twice a week is known to strengthen heart.

Dates for Intestinal Disorders: Date is useful in healing intestinal disorders. It contains nicotine which is believed to cure disorders of intestine. Date consumption helps in keeping in control pathological growth and facilitates growth of friendly bacteria inside the intestine.

Dates for Abdominal Cancer: Date consumption is effective in condition of stomach cancer. The fruit is natural and does not cause any side effects. It is a very good source of energy and could be digested easily. Dates contain many anti-oxidants which help in curbing damage from free radicals. Studies have shown that anti-cancer property of dates is so powerful that it could fight benzo(a)pyrene, a compound which triggers cancer.

Dates for sexual stamina: Date is known to increase sexual stamina. It must be soaked overnight in goat’s milk and grinded in the same milk day after. Cardamom and honey must be added to this mixture to prepare a tonic. This is very useful in increasing sexual endurance and sterility.


With the kind of nutritional value and health benefits that Date brings with itself, it is indeed an essential fruit. However, one must carefully check for any impurities that may be sticking on surface of date before consuming it as sticky skin of date may attract impurities. One must choose dates which are free from such impurities, and make sure that date is ready to eat by washing it before consumption, as a measure of precaution.