Get Clear Skin with Tomato

Tomatoes can be easily found in our kitchens for they add flavor to any preparation. However not many know that tomato can be put to even better use of enhancing beauty. Tomato has immense cosmetic benefits, it can improve skin drastically by reducing acne, soothing sunburn, shrinking large skin pores and bringing a natural glow to skin. In short, tomato is one of the best home remedies for keeping skin healthy.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant which protects the skin from within. Antioxidants present in tomato help in resisting cellular damage and lowering free radicals in the body. It is recommended that 16 milligram of lycopene is consumed every day for reducing free radicals.Lycopene consumption also helps in retaining moisture of the body. For a flawless skin, one does not need to spend all the money on expensive cosmetics but use fresh tomato to get better, younger looking, healthier skin. 
Tomato for shrinking large skin pores: For getting rid of large skin pores, apply a mix of fresh tomato juice and 2-3 drops of lime juice on skin. Cotton ball could be used to apply this mix on face. Massage gently in circular motion. Now wait for fifteen minutes before washing off with water. This technique when regularly followed is very effective in reducing large pores.
Tomato as Astringent: For controlling oiliness of skin and acne, apply a mix of tomato juice and cucumber juice every day. For preparing tomato juice one could easily strain a fresh tomato. 
Tomato for Acne: Tomato is also effective in clearing acne. It is slightly acidic in nature therefore helps in fighting acne. Tomato also contains vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K which find their place in acne medicines. Application of fresh tomato pulp pack on facial skin will help in condition of severe acne. This pack must be kept for 60 minutes and thereafter washed off. For mild acne, one could just apply inner portion of a freshly cut tomato on face. Regular application of tomato will help in getting rid of acne.  
Tomato for Sunburn: In condition of sunburn or inflammation, apply mixture of crushed tomato (half) and yogurt (2 tablespoons) on affected parts such as face, neck, feet and hands. Keep the mixture for 20 minutes and wash it off thereafter. Tomato helps in cooling off the skin and acts as a surface neutralizer. Yogurt promotes softness by supplying protein. 
Tomato and Avocado mask for a beautiful skin: Face pack prepared from avocado and tomato works wonders to the skin. The pack is suitable for combination skin. While tomato acts as an astringent and keeps oil in control, avocado gives a moisturizing effect to skin. The pack is rich in vitamins such a vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. This pack must be applied on skin and left for 20-30 minutes, afterwards it should be washed off with lukewarm water.