Air Therapy

Air is essential for our survival and fresh air is key to good health. It is advantageous to take air bath every day, i.e.  walk in fresh air for atleast 20 minutes with very light clothes on. The effect of air bath is enhanced when it is combined with exercise and cold rub. 

Breathing technique also plays a vital role in improving effectiveness of Air therapy. Deep breaths help in intake of more oxygen which refreshens the body and improves its resistance. It is important that one inhales through nose as small hairs present in nose purify air before it enters the body. While taking air therapy one must be careful as to not walk around in a polluted area. A walk on a busy and  polluted road will not be as effective as walk in a green garden/park.

As the cool air comes in contact with skin surface, body reacts to it by improving blood circulation. Thus warm blood rushes to the surface and helps in elimination of waste material from the body. This helps in cleansing the system. Air bath also has soothing effect on the body and it helps in curing conditions of neurasthenia, nervousness and skin disorders.
Air therapy is known to have positive effects on heart health as more  oxygen is pumped to heart's muscles. Also, air therapy involving deep breaths could increase life-span, as fewer number of breaths per minute could elongate lifespan. Tortoise is an example of a living being who breaths only five to six times per minute and lives 200 years. 
Air therapy also improves health of other body organs such as lungs, abdomen, diaphragm, kidneys and pancreas. It also improves digestive system and keeps lethargy at bay. Air therapy helps in taking toxins out of the body and thus improves immunity.