Ten Foods for Flat Stomach/Abs

Stomach/Ab flab is extremely difficult to lose. People may work out for hours and still do not get a sleek midriff that they desire. It is important to understand that shedding Ab flab is not just about exercising; food also plays a very important role when it comes to shaping up your midriff. Good foods ensure that your body and midriff does not bloat, a healthy metabolism is maintained with adequate intake of protein, and effectiveness of exercises is enhanced through intake of antioxidant rich foods. We have listed ten food items which can help you get that flat stomach you always desired.


Egg:Egg is one of the best sources of protein. Egg protein can be easily absorbed by human body. Egg has a good balance of essential amino acids which helps in building muscles, chemicals required for human body. Therefore, unless one has high cholesterol one can consume one egg per day.

Soy:Soybean is an excellent source of protein, fiber and antioxidants. One can consume soybean as roasted nuts, eat in tofu or consume as soy milk. In a study published in American College of Nutrition it was found that overweight people who consumed soy milk based replacement for meal lost more pounds than ones who consumed dairy-based diet drink. One may consume 25 grams of soy protein per day from whole soybeans.

Apple:Apple has amazing properties which helps one shed weight. One big apple contains 85 percent water and 5 gram fiber which helps in keeping one full. In one study published in the journal Nutrition two groups of overweight women were given similar diet for 3 months, the only difference was consumption of 3 apples/peers per day by one group and oat cookies by the other. It was found that the group who ate apples lost more weight than the one which ate oatmeal cookies. Quercetin found in apples helps in fighting Cancers, improves lung health and helps in reducing damage caused by cholesterol. One or two apples are recommended every day.


Almond:Almond is a delicious source of protein, fiber and vitamin E. It is also rich in Magnesium which helps in maintaining muscle tissue and regulating blood sugar. Stability in blood sugar levels prevents food craving and thus helps in maintaining optimum body weight. Interestingly, cell wall composition of almonds minimizes absorption of any of the almond fat. This ability to block calories makes almond one lean nut. One ounce of almonds is recommended per day. People with kidney stones or gall bladder problems should avoid consuming almonds since they are rich in oxalate. Bitter almonds must not be consumed raw as they are toxic due to presence of hydrocyanic acid and cyanide (prussic acid).

Berry:Berries are full of antioxidants and have good fiber content. For a losing weight foods rich in fiber are essential. Higher the consumption of fiber, lower is the absorption of calories. This is so because fiber tends to trap food particles and help in throwing them out of the system before they get completely digested. Every day, 25 to 35 grams of fiber intake is recommended. Antioxidants present in berries help in improving blood circulation which facilitates muscle contraction. Also, antioxidants present in berries protect against Cancers. One can choose from a verity of berries such as Gooseberries, Raspberries, Boysenberries, Strawberries, Black Currants and Blueberries. Half a cup of berries is recommended per day.

Leafy Greens:Green Leafy vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber thus help one in attaining that flat stomach one always wishes for. Leafy greens are rich source of Cartenoids which help in preventing cancer. Most of the green leafy vegetables are also rich in calcium which facilitates muscle contraction and thus improve workouts. Three servings of leafy greens are recommended everyday.

Yogurt:According to a study recently published in International Journal of Obesity, people who get most calcium from Yogurt than from any other calcium sources tend to lose more weight from their waists. Yogurts contain probiotic bacteria which are digestion friendly bacteria that help in keeping constipation and bloating at bay. This helps in maintaining flat looking stomach. 1-3 cupfuls of low-fat yogurt is recommended every day.

Salmon:Salmon is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acid. This healthy fat improves metabolism and promotes fat-burning. Other fatty fishes such as Tuna and Mackerel also have similar effect. According to an Australian study, Glucose-Insulin response improved in overweight people who ate fish everyday. Sea food lowers craving for more food and it contains belly-friendly protein. Two to Four ounce serving of Salmon is recommended per week. More Omega-3 fatty acids can be obtained from wild salmon than from farm-raised ones. One can also obtain omega-3 from vegetarian sources such as walnut, flax seeds etc.


Quinoa:Quinoa is rich source of fiber and protein. Half cup of whole-grain Quinoa contains 5 grams fiber and 11 grams protein. Half a cup of quinoa is recommended per day. This also satisfies one third of daily whole-grain requirement. 

Vegetable Soup:Low-calorie,low-sodium fresh vegetable soup twice a day is key to a lean belly. In a research conducted at Pennsylvania State University, it was found that people who consumed low-fat creme based soup twice a day could lose more weight than those who got same amount of calories from snacks. Those who consumed soup were able to maintain their weight after one year. One cupful of fresh vegetable soup is recommended per day.