Naturopathy Diet for Weight loss

Naturopathic treatment for weight loss is based on Fletcherism which propagates correct mechanism of chewing, flavor enjoyment, diet schedule, and controlled food consumption when in certain moods. In Naturopathy, treatment for weight loss/obesity is also based on limiting consumption of calories as per body’s actual requirements and getting rid of habitual consumption of high calorie food.  Naturopathy considers and addresses psychological aspects of overeating which are usually linked to unhappiness, loneliness, discontentment with family, stress.

While certain artificial methods of weight loss are prevalent in the market today, one must understand that artificially curbing hunger (by stomach removal or removal of sensory nerves which supply to it) in order to control food consumption does not abolish other signs of hunger which include increased body movements, weakness, fatigue, headache, and irritability. All animals, including human beings, have learnt that these symptoms of hunger are relieved by the ingestion of food. Upon recognition of this, we have developed a more complex conditioned behavior called appetite - a desire for food .In contrast to hunger, appetite is pleasant and can be stimulated by smell, sight, or even the thought of food. Appetite is not necessarily associated with true hunger. One would need naturopathic treatment for obesity/weight loss when the appetite is excessively dissociated from the body's actual needs.

Unlike a number of weight-loss plans, naturopathic treatment start with assessing the cause of being obese by attributing being overweight to imbalances in functioning of your body organs like the kidney, thyroid gland and liver. Conditions which are eliminated and cured using naturopathy include digestive issues, food allergies plus sensitivities, sleep disorders and high cholesterol among others.

A naturopath learns about medical history and lifestyle to determine which therapy will suit an individual. Note that naturopathic solution will differ from one person to another. From a naturopathic perspective, it’s important to look at the root cause of the problem that is obesity and weight gain disorder. Major causes of obesity are:

  1. Insulin resistance or blood sugar imbalance
  2. Low basal metabolic rate as a result of thyroid problems
  3. Improper function of the liver
  4. Insufficient good fats
  5. Low stomach acid

Many endocrinologists believe that its first necessary to be healthy so that you can lose weight and not that losing (your) weight makes for health. They believe that healing metabolism should occur prior to when weight loss, or more precisely, fat loss, may occur. Therefore, depending on how out of balance the body is, a naturopath prescribes a natural weight loss program based on following objectives:

  1. A balanced diet of whole foods which improve insulin sensitivity
  2. Maximizing essential nutrients, with least calories in the diet
  3. Getting sufficient sleep because hormones valuable for repairing your body tissues are released when one is asleep
  4. A nutrient supplementation that repairs and rebuilds fats and structural proteins
  5. Stress management to handle problems like self-image
  6. Emotional connections with food plus your state of mind while eating

Naturopathic Treatment and Diet for Weight-loss

Naturopathic Juice Therapy for Weight loss: A patient should start with a juice fast for seven to ten days. Celery, Cabbage, Lemon, Grapefruit, Pineapple and orange juices must be prepared for this purpose. If required, one may go for a longer juice fast till 40 days strictly under guidance of a naturopath. Small juice fasts may be repeated after every two months till desired weight is achieved. After fasting on juices, one must go on an all fruit diet (three meals of all fruit-diet) for four to five days. Fresh and juicy fruits such as pineapple, grapefruit, oranges, papaya must be consumed during all-fruit diet. Gradually, a low calorie balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetable and nuts/grains/seeds must be practiced.

Foods to completely avoided: Fried foods, chocolate, ice cream, fat meat, bread, butter, cheese, cake, cookies, syrup, rich puddings, alcohol, potatoes, cereal, legumes.

Fletcherism for weight loss: In 1989, Horace Fletcher, 40, who was overweight by 50 pounds at that time and who complained exhaustion, indigestion and used to regularly contract flu, made few important findings on weight loss rules which he called “Fletcherism”:

  1. Food must be chewed so much that it becomes pulp or a milky liquid which swallows itself.
  2. Do not eat anything till you get hungry
  3. Every bite must be enjoyed and every flavor must be savored until it is swallowed.
  4. When you are tired, worried or angry, do not eat anything. Also, do not discuss or have thoughts about things/ incidences unpleasant to you.  

Fletcher lost more than 60 pounds when he followed these rules for 5 months.

Naturopathy treatment with Honey, Lemon, Cabbage

  1. Honey is known to mobilize extra fat in the body which it puts into circulation and which could be converted into energy for body function. 10g of Honey can be taken with warm water every day and gradually the dosage could be improved.
  2. Undertaking a fast of honey-lime juice is beneficial for treating obesity. Such fasting will not result in loss of appetite or energy. For undertaking this fast, one must consume half spoonful of honey with half lime in lukewarm water at regular intervals.
  3. Exclusive lemon juice is another effective remedy for weight loss. Patient can start with consuming only plenty of water on the first day of fast. On 2nd day, juice of 3 lemons mixed with equal water can be taken. Subsequently juice of one lemon must be added everyday till patient reaches a stage when it consumes juice of 12 lemons. Subsequently, juice of one lemon must be reduced every day until patient reaches a day when it consumes juice of 3 lemons. Initially for two days, the patient may experience weakness and hunger, but subsequently condition will improve.
  4. Cabbage is known to be very effective for weight reduction. Cabbage contains tartroric acid which hinders conversion of sugar/ carbohydrates into fat. Cabbage salad consumption is easiest way to stay slim.

In conclusion, naturopathy for weight loss is a holistic approach to weight loss which is entirely based on natural remedies such as correct diet, exercise and lifestyle. Naturopathy works on fighting causes of obesity and excessive body weight, and focuses on the ability of body to heal itself through natural methods. Naturopathy treatment not only helps in losing weight but also improves mental and emotional state of being.