Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Rosacea is a very common disorder of the skin characterized by both thickening and redness of one's skin usually in the area of the face. People who have Rosacea will frequently have occurrences of sudden blushing of the face. This is caused by the little blood vessels underneath the skin on the face dilating. If this condition is left untreated, your skin may become covered with reddish pimples. The nose will often swell due to the accumulation of excess fluid in nasal tissue, which can permanently damage the skin. Here we shall be discussing the home remedies for Rosacea

Rosacea treatment 

There is not one specific medication that will treat rosacea. However, natural remedies look very promising in alleviating rosacea and more people are looking to these home remedies to treat this skin disease. Here are some of the remedies you may wish to try for your rosacea.

Natural Rosacea Treatments

  1. Green Tea - There is a small independent study that shows evidence on the improvement of rosacea afflictions where green tea cream is applied. The study included women who had pustules and pimples. In just 4 weeks, with regular application of green tea cream, the bumps were greatly reduced.
  2. Niacinamide - A form of Vitamin B3, Niacinamide has been used for rosacea. It is known to result in the improvement of moisture -- the skin barrier -- and in inflammation reduction.
  3. Licorice-Another topical natural treatment found effective in treatment of Rosacea is licorice. In a 4-8 week long study involving sixty-two people having mild to moderate facial redness, a significant improvement was found in facial redness caused by Rosacea.
  4. Chrysanthellum Indicum - Herb extract Chrysanthellum indicum can be applied on the face to treat rosacea. Cremes containing this extrat are also available in market. This extract adds strength to the capillaries and lessens the redness of the face.
  5. Azelaic Acid extracted from wheat, barley, and rye is very effective in treating Rosacea. It has anti-bacterial properties and can minimize the growth of bacteria, which causes pustules and pimples.
  6. Food Choices - Your choice of food can minimize the effects and symptoms of rosacea. Avoid food that produces chemicals, which cause the blood vessels to dilate. Allergenic food items can be tried and eliminated from the diet, depending on the results.
  7. Enzyme Supplement - Taking supplements with enzyme can greatly improve your digestive system and help in treating the symptoms of rosacea.
  8. Apple Cider Vinegar - Drinking apple cider vinegar can be a natural remedy for Rosacea. It can aid in releasing the digestive enzymes and in balancing bacteria in the intestines.
  9. Chamomile Treatments-This ingredient is very important in decreasing Roscea's severity. Chamomile has a great soothing effect that helps to minimize the discomfort. Take two of three chamomile tea bags or a handful of chamomile and put them in a pan that contains three cups of very hot water. Drain off the liquid after ten minutes and put it in your freezer. Any time a cold compress is needed, put part of a cotton washcloth in the chamomile that has been chilled and place it on your face until you feel relief.
  10. Pine Tar Soap- A natural remedy that helps to minimize rosacea symptoms. Create a thick lather with the pine tar soap and cover all of the skin that is affected and let it remain overnight. Rinse it off in the morning with cool water.
  11. Fenugreek Tea- A wonderful all natural remedy that can effectively help heal damaged skin caused by acne, rosacea and several other skin diseases. Put boiling water over the fenugreek tea and let it steep for approximately ten minutes. After the tea is filtered out, drink it and you will soon experience the wonders it does for skin.
  12. Oatmeal -A natural remedy that helps to give relief from itching. It also works as an anti-inflammatory agent containing numerous antioxidants that could help to successfully treat rosacea.
  13. Avoid to wash your skin with warm water as warm water will further dry the skin and it will increased the symptoms of Rosacea. Instead of warm water you may use lukewarm water.
  14. Avoid rubbing your skin as it will further irritate the skin and it will damage the sensitive skin. 
  15. It is important to stay away from direct sunlight. Since it can actually irritate the skin making the Rosacea that much more noticeable. If you must spend time outdoors when it's sunny, covering up as much as possible will help. One should also use sunscreen but it's important to pick a brand that is gentle on the skin.

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