Color Therapy Benefits

Colors are known to influence behavior and brain of people. Color therapy has been used in Egypt, India and China for centuries. Colors can heal disorders generated out of stress . Every color has a different effect on human mind. For instance, rainbow generates healing effect in human mind and helps in relieving stress. Seven colors of rainbow are related with seven chakras of the body, these chakras are energy centers of the body. Seven colors of rainbow thus resonate with chakras of the body. Energy of all chakras of the body must be balanced for smooth functioning of the body. Colors help in creating this balance of chakras thereby providing good health and healing effect.

Violet (Crown): Topmost chakra's color is violet. It is located at the head top. Violet color is used by therapists for curing spleen and lymphatic system.

Indigo (Brow): Second chakra's color is Indigo. It is located in the lower half of forehead. This color is effective for curing eye, ear, nose and mental disorders.

Blue (Throat):  Third chakra's color is blue. It is located at throat. It helps in relief from headache, muscle cramps, migraine, stomach pain etc.

Green (Heart): Fourth chakra's color is green. It is located in heart. Green color is used for curing cough, inflammation of joints, bronchitis, eye disorders, diabetes and cysts.

Yellow (Solar Plexus): Fifth chakra's color is Yellow. It is located just above the belly button. Yellow color helps in treatment of disorders of glands, lymph system, metabolism and nervous system.

Orange (Sacral): Sixth chakra's color is Orange.

It is located at pelvis. Orange colow is effective in treatment of depression, mental disorders, pessimism etc. It is also useful in other conditions such as arteriosclerosis, loss of appetite, anorexia, sclerenecephaly, anaemia, cardiosclerosis and stomach cramps.

Red (Base): Seventh chakra's color is red. It is located at the bottom of spine. Red color is used for treatment of anaemia, larynx, skin disorders, asthma and chronic coughs.

A chromotherapist uses colors and light for curing various disorders by applying these at acupoints and other parts of body. The most common tools used for color application are candles, wands, colored fabrics, colored glasses, lenses and gemstones. Colors have positive as well as negative effects on body, therefore before using colors for their positive effects one must ascertain the right amount used.