There is nothing as sacred as a person’s sexual life. Even for the mentally ill, rarely would you find one talking or revealing their personal sexual issues. Well, this is naturally good to keep societal morals, but when it comes to erectile dysfunction, there is need to openly talk about it with a medical practitioner. You can’t get help if your problem stays hidden. It has become so serious to the population that marriages or relationships break up for it. The problem is that a good number of people are yet to understand what erectile dysfunction is all about creating an even bigger problem. What is Erectile Dysfunction? It is the failure of a person to get an erection. Normally, a man’s penis fills with blood in response to sexual attraction. However, due to some reason or the other, one’s penis can fail to make an erection thus making it difficult to have sex with their partner. It was considered to be synonym of impotence, but researches have shown that impotence is a more serious condition that is difficult to handle. However, erectile dysfunction can be treated with an understanding of its cause.

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