15 Herbs and Spices for Weight Loss

Herbs and spices have amazing properties which help in losing weight. Adding certain herbs and spices to daily diet not only improves health  but also adds taste and flavor to food. Lets us evaluate 15 herbs and spices useful in weight loss.

Basil (Tulsi): Holy Basil is believed to have the property to lower the level of cortisol related to stress. As a response to stress, human body elevates the level of cortisol which is primarily responsible for increasing blood sugar through glycogenolysis and suppressing the immune system. Therefore, sustained high stereo condition may result in weight gain and poor health. Basil works as a nerve calming agent by keeping the cortisol levels low.
Coriander: Fresh coriander leaves are typically used in chutneys (sauces), curries and salads. Dried coriander seeds are used to flavor vegetables and curries. It has aromatic properties and it is a natural diuretic. It stimulates digestive process and help flush out impurities from the system. It helps to reduce water retention, cholesterol and regulates insulin level and thus helps in weight loss.

Turmeric: Bright yellow spice is consumed in dried powder for as well as a fresh herb. It is relatively more popular in south east Asian countries and is a part of almost every curry dish. Turmeric helps in regulating body mechanism and in breaking down fat. A Columbia University research has shown that turmeric is effective in reducing the chances of diabetes.

Cardamom: It helps in boosting metabolism and also in keeping our digestive system healthy. It is low in saturated fat.

Alfalfa: It is a great herb for weight loss. Alfalfa is a natural detox and it works by cleaning lever and digestive system for their optimal functioning. It boosts metabolism, aids in digestion, increase energy and also boosts the immune system.

Mustard: A research from Oxford Polytechnic Institute of England has revealed that body's metabolism rate can be improved by 25%, if one consumes one teaspoon of mustard. It has great weight loss properties.

Jalapeno: Jalapeno and other peppers contain capsaicin which works as a thermogenic agent. It helps in heating up the body and in the process consumes energy which comes for fat. It boosts the metabolism rate and at the same time it is also heart healthy as it does not increase the heart rate. It also helps in lowering cholesterol.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon helps in reducing the blood sugar and increasing insulin levels, and hence lower the chance of prediabetes. It also boosts metabolism and lowers LDL cholesterol which in turn controls obesity.

Ginseng: University of Maryland research has shown that Panax Ginseng has weight loss properties. Many forms of ginseng are effective in speeding up metabolism rate and hence help body burn out more calories.

Parsley: Parsley flush any excessive fluids from the body by acting as a mild diuretic. It is very effective for people having the water retention condition. Parsley is very nutritious, it has high levels of Vitamin A and C and minerals such as potassium, calcium,and phosphorus. It also has anti-oxidation properties and helps keeping cholesterol level low.

Cumin: It boosts our immune system. It helps in burning out calories by assisting the digestive process. Research has shown that cumin is also effective in the cases of Arthritis, Asthma and Kidney diseases.

Pepper: Pepper contains piperine that boosts metabolism. Pepper also assists absorption of certain nutrients in the body. It is advisable to use freshly grounded pepper in your food as the concentration of key component- piperine is high.

Dandelions: Raw dandelion can be consumed as salads. Nutritiously, it is among the top four vegetables and it helps in cleaning the body. It also makes you feel full for a longer period of time as it slow down the digestion.

Ginger: Ginger boosts metabolism and raises body temperature. It helps in removing toxins and aids digestion. Ginger is also known to suppress appetite important for weight loss.

Cayenne Pepper: Research from Purdue university has shown that Cayenne pepper can improve metabolism. This is because of the presence of capsaicin which helps in burning fat and suppressing appetite.