What is Naturopathy?
Naturopathy is a form of treatment of diseases through elements of nature. Nature is made of five elements - Jal ( water), Vayu (air), Agni (fire), Akash ( sky) and Prithvi ( Earth). These elements also constitute our body. We get sick when there is imbalance in these elements and body just reacts to this imbalance by trying to get rid of impurities in form of cough, vomiting, fever etc. Therefore, it is beneficial to cure diseases not through drugs or surgery, but with help of these five elements of nature. Naturopathy says that our bodily functions are guided by nature's vital forces, therefore a holistic approach must be followed for curing ailments. Body has natural tendency to heal and naturopathy only facilitates the process of healing through energy of nature. According to Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges, there are six principles of Naturopathy:
  1. Belief in nature's healing powers and in body's inherent tendency to heal itself
  2. Looking beyond symptoms to identify and treat underlying causes
  3. Adoption of least invasive and most natural ways to cure 
  4. Teaching patients natural ways to maintain a good health
  5. Viewing body as an integration of physical and spiritual aspects
  6. Focussing on prevention, maintaining overall wellbeing
Methods followed in treatment through Naturopathy vary with the kind of school, preferences and skills of naturopath. Below are few popular techniques which have benefited millions of people across the globe.
  1. Mud therapy: Mud therapy is done with mud pack and mud bath. It is useful in curing skin conditions such as boils, pimples and patches, and is also effective in improving digestion. Mud absorbs toxins from the body, relaxes the body and reduces swelling.
  2. Water Therapy: Water is one of the most important elements of human body. Water therapy utilizes water in cold and hot state for application on the body. Water is also utilized in bathing/body packs, drinking water therapy and enema  
  3. Acupressure: Human body has approximately 1000 acupressure points of which 90-100 are very useful in curing common ailments. Acupressure therapy could cure many conditions and help in maintaining a good health. It is useful in improving digestive system,heart, eyes and strengthening joints
  4. Massage Therapy: This therapy is useful in improving blood circulation, toning muscles and relieving fatigue. It also helps in opening up clogged pores of the skin which is essential for letting harmful toxins go from the body with sweat.
  5. Air Therapy: Oxygen from green plants of nature is very beneficial for human body. Therefore walk in fresh air is essential for overall wellbeing. This must be combined with the right way of breathing.
  6. Color Therapy: There exists a balance of colors in human body. When we fall sick this balance is disturbed. Color therapy is helpful in reestablishing the balance of colors in human body and curing the disorder.
Besides, Yoga, Juice therapy,Diet, Fasting, Mudra therapy and Pyramid therapy are also very popular. Naturopathy is a way of life which is close to environment and methods that are followed in naturopathy brings one close to the elements of nature. It strives to balance different elements of human body on a physical and spiritual level to attain good health. Benefits of naturopathy could only be understood by adopting it under supervision of a trained practitioner. 

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Disclaimer: Information on this website is for education purpose only. Please consult a qualified Naturopath/ medical practitioner before following any remedies.